Brown Baguette Bakery Café 

Sweet Stuff

Tarts  Our 3" size is perfect for individual portions and definite plus when needing to a variety to please and wow your guests. These are also available for order in mini sizes by the half dozen.

Lemon Curd * Key Lime * Coconut * Raspberry Ganache * Turtle * Cream cheese Pecan * Fresh Fruit * Apple Cream cheese * Cherry Cream cheese * Pina Colada * Almandine * Chocolate Thunder  * Chocolate Peanut Butter

StuffinsandMuffins Our Stuffins are square muffins filled with amazing good stuff.

Cranberry * Strawberry * Blueberry * Cinnamon Spice * Chocolate Chip * Carrot *

Petit Fours  One of our customer's favorites, our are two layers and can be uniquely decorated for your event. (There are order minimums.)  Classic Vanilla * Strawberry * Lemon * Key Lime * Chocolate

Cupcakes Cookies Brownies and Bars Earthquakes Nibbles

Cake Menu

Choose a favorite from this selection and we will prepare it for you. Most flavors are available for order in several sizes. Please allow four or more days notice for us to freshly prepare it with your design specifications.

Vanilla Gold  Golden vanilla cake filled and covered with our House buttercream.

Simply Grand Rich vanilla cake filled with raspberry marmalade and Grand Marnier Euro style buttercream.

Classic Chocolate Three moist and rich chocolate layers filled and covered with silky smooth chocolate buttercream.

Mad for Mocha Your Chocolate and Vanilla cake layers filled with mocha buttercream then covered with .more rich mocha buttercream.

Simply Strawberry Three strawberry cake layers filled and covered with strawberry buttercream. A customer favorite!

Raspberry Ganache Rich chocolate cake filled with raspberry marmalade and silky chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Strawberry Chocolate layers filled and covered with strawberry buttercream and topped with dripping chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Chip Mini chocolate chips stud vanilla cake layers that are filled with your choice of buttercream.

Black Forest Chocolate layers kissed with Kirsch syrup and filled with dark sweet cherries and whipped cream-not a substitute--surrounds the outside.

Lemon Layers Three layers of rich lemon cake are filled with tart lemon buttercream then covered with vanilla buttercream.

Loco for Coconut Rich coconut pastry cream is sandwiched between three layers of coconut cake.

Hazelnut Harlequin Chocolate and vanilla layers are filled with chocolate hazelnut buttercream and then covered with silky chocolate buttercream.

Almond Amaretto almond cake layers spread with a bit of apricot marmalade and filled with amaretto buttercream.

Fruit Bavarian Vanilla cake layers are filled with vanilla creme patissiere and assorted fruit, then covered in rich vanilla buttercream.

German Chocolate Chocolate layers filled the classic coconut and pecan caramel icing.

Carrot cake Full of carrots, raisins and spices, ours is filled with a cream cheese frosting.

Neapolitian  Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry come together for one yummy cake! Covered in vanilla and drizzles in chocolate ganache.

.Cookies 'N Cream  Ours is a vanilla cake using O sandwich style cookie baked inside and in the buttercream. Chocolate cake is available if requested.

Sprinkles! White cake layers with your choice of sprinkles.